Rules You Should Break #1: Kill Your Darlings

Just to warn you – this series might turn into a long one. All rules could, and should, be breaked. Not just for the sake of breaking them, but for the sake of the fun it creates and how it all suddenly starts to breathe. And new rules will probably appear resulting from old ones getting broken… feel free to break the new ones as well.

The case with a darling is that you fall deeply in love with it. It’s often love at first sight, even. For some reason which might be hard to grasp. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, so you’re deeply impressed with your own abilities and want to let everybody see this sacred object of yours. The silly thing is that the subjectivity might get out of hand at this point. The feedback you start receiving might not reflect your own fascination and you might even get introduced to the rule which you already read up in the title.

Here, the striking advice from many will be to simply dump it. Don’t include it. Forget about it. Work on something new and comletely different. That’s a fairly easy solution. Easy solutions aren’t always the best ones. Not very often, in fact.

Below is a photograph I had a deep fascination for, but which I somehow felt there was more potential to.

It was taken last year through the peeping hole of the apartment where I’m currently residing. Today I decided to redo it before going out for a walk in the snow. To my complete amazement I suddenly heard one of the neighbours going down the stairs, and there was the answer: The picture needed a person. A mysterious man. I got two of him, this one being the second:

Redo your darlings!

So you can get new… darlings…


I would love to hear how you deal with your darlings in the comments section.

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